2019 Prospectus

Since the inception of Mexico’s renewable energy sector MIREC WEEK has combined networking, knowledge and executive level representation year on year to cultivate business relationships and establish opportunities in the huge number of renewable energy project developments. 

In 2019 we are celebrating 9 years of growth alongside one of the world’s hottest clean energy markets

– Join us!

"We consider it essential to take part in MIREC. Above all, we appreciate the quality of people who attend MIREC and the type of clients that take part in it too."

Juan José Arguelles,
VP Sales,  
Fusion Solar, Huawei

Once a year, a marketplace for Mexico’s clean energy sector is established for the entire value chain to meet, network and learn in one location over 3 days. That marketplace is MIREC WEEK, Mexico’s leading clean energy & mobility exhibition & congress.